Coaching & Mentorship

Our passion for weddings and filmmaking alike started in film school, while our experience has spanned almost a decade of both commercial and wedding work. No matter where you are in your journey of wedding filmmaking, we are equipped to offer actionable guidance and be a source of positive encouragement in your corner.

We are interested in learning about you, ways you want to improve, and the specific topics you would like to receive mentoring on. Popular topics include but are not limited to: attracting your ideal couple, marketing your brand, wedding day pre-production, wedding day strategy, gear purchasing, post-production processes, and more!


Single coaching call

A single coaching call to get to know you, your needs, answer your questions on any variety of topics, and provide guidance.

• One 1 hour call


Coaching Series

A series of 3 calls for a comprehensive approach.

30 min. introductory call
we get acquainted and assess your needs

1 hour coaching call
a deep dive into your topics of interest and questions

Detailed film review

30 min. capstone call
we wrap up any loose ends and provide actionable tips for moving forward


Custom Coaching

There are endless options for ways we can help and methods for you to learn and grow, whether it’s by routine coaching calls or hands on experience.

Have something specific in mind? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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