Julianne & Sean's Fun-Filled Leola Village Wedding!

Julianne’s freshman year roommate at Ithaca College (go, Bombers!) was Sean’s high school prom date. Awkward? Nah. When Sean visited Ithaca one weekend with some friends, she introduced him to her fiery, red-headed roommate, and they immediately hit it off. A long distance relationship through college, moving in together, and becoming fur parents to one very beloved cat all led them to this day- their wedding day at The Inn at Leola Village.

Their wedding was made amazing by the people there to celebrate with them as well as plenty of surprise Smirnoff Ices, including one during their “first touch.” No, nothing is sacred. And yes, these two really know how to have fun. We couldn’t have felt more lucky to be there for them and create their wedding video!