Georgie & Chris' Intimate, DIY wedding on Nantucket

Georgie and Chris are one in a million. The most beautiful part about how they met was the fact that it almost didn’t happen. Georgie had booked a one-way flight to go live her life in London for a while, but decided instead to spend some time at home on Nantucket working at a local coffee shop. In walks Chris, and well, you can guess how the story goes from there!

Georgie and Chris’ wedding was so special because there weren’t any frills. They prioritized what we feel is the most important thing when it comes to a wedding: celebrating their love, and celebrating the people they love who were there to support them. The details were just the details to them, and they all fell together perfectly with the help of family and friends. Some of our favorite highlights included:

• The wedding arch- it was built by Chris’ students! (He’s a Latin teacher!) and decorated by Georgie and her sister
• The weather- it DOWNPOURED all morning long, and the forecast called for thunderstorms all day. The rain stopped and the sky brightened up just in time for their ceremony. Magic.
• Georgie’s future brother-in-law officiated the ceremony. They wrote it together, which made it extremely sentimental. Georgie and Chris’ vows were incredibly deep, emotional, and full of laughter.
• The way their family dog, Millie, plopped herself down right in the middle of the aisle to watch.
• Georgie’s sister played “Devotion” on the ukulele and everyone sobbed.
• The band- they came together especially for this wedding! A family friend and a few of Chris’ talented students rocked the party.
• The toasts- there were as many laughs and tears as there were Michael Scott references. Need we say more?
• The pizza- oh yeah, their wedding was also a pizza party.

And finally, the major highlight for us was the time we were able to spend with Georgie, Chris, and their tribe. They hosted us on Nantucket for a couple of days before the wedding, which was so generous and so much fun. The time we spent getting to know and love them made this film incredibly personal to create, and we’re so thankful to have had that opportunity!

If you fell in love with Georgie, Chris and their wedding, you should 100% check out Georgie’s blog! She’s written a lot about her experience planning and this post is one of our favorites. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a similar vibe on your wedding day!

This love-fest of a blog wouldn’t be complete without listing the vendors (& awesomely talented family members) we had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with!

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