Well, would you looky here.

We're launching a business! Well, sort of. You see, we've filmed weddings together for years, just never as a couple. Now that we are #engaged, we decided it was time to make our work Facebook (and internet) official! So here it is, we're so happy you found us.

We're hoping to use this space as a means for you to get to know us, our style, and as a way to add a little light-heartedness to your day! 

I'm Deanna, a Long Island native, current D.C. dweller, and entrepreneur. Since graduating college, I've hardly had a "real job," and always pursued content creation for businesses. That's when I met and fell in love with the wedding industry (lol, did you think I was going to say Grant? More on him, later.). I've filmed weddings, edited them, and consulted with wedding vendors on how to market themselves with content that I was lucky enough to create. It's been very rewarding and an overall blast.


Insert us getting engaged.

Now we can get Grant involved. We became best friends practically day one of college. Maybe I'll spill the details in a later post, but it wasn't until a recently that we reconnected and realized we were clearly meant to be together. It didn't take long for us to make it official. I'm talking, like, a month.


Insert Grant & crew being hotshots at the Tony's

Since graduation, Grant's been a freelance cinematographer and has worked with brands like ClearChannel, Vita CoCo, Westfield, and The Tony's, but nothing inspires and fulfills him like weddings do. It's the truth!

It's funny how we both have that draw to weddings– they're really the most magical events. (And now we get to plan our own!!!!)

I've always admired Grant/raved about how talented he was to my friends and family. I'm so excited to be able to work alongside him again, surround ourselves with love, and create stunning wedding films together. There's something about video that captures the essence of people and emotions that photos just cannot. We're both captivated by that authenticity. We want to preserve it for couples in love so they have it to treasure and share for generations to come.

Anyway, we hope you stay tuned! If you stopped by to read this, leave us a comment and let us know we're not alone in this corner of the interwebs!