Our family is growing!

Grant and I are thrilled to announce we've welcomed a new bundle of joy to our life.


Meet our drone baby! Weighing in at under a pound, this little guy is full of energy and raring to capture some weddings. I have to admit that from the moment I saw it, I had the urge to call it "bat baby" because when it folds up it looks exactly like a sleeping bat. Now Grant can't help but call it that, too. Hah.

Jokes aside, we just purchased the DJI Mavic Pro! It's extremely portable, which is a huge reason we decided to go with it. Traveling light is really important to us when we film weddings, so the more we can lay low and consolidate our gear the better.

The Mavic Pro shoots in 4K resolution, meaning the quality of the footage is top notch and on the cutting edge. It can fly as fast as 40mph and as far as over 4 miles away for those sweeping landscape views that make for the most jaw-dropping shots.

For any gear-heads out there, it's important to note that we also picked up cinema series ND and CP filters to keep our shutter speed constant.

We had a ton of fun on baby bat's inaugural flight. I realized just how much of an incredible drone pilot Grant is. He even tried teaching me a few of his techniques, but I'm going to need a lot more practice to get on his level. In the meantime, he'll be your wedding pilot, don't worry.

So that's it for the big news. It was either a drone or a puppy, so if you take anything away from this post, it's that we are very dedicated to our work.

If you're interested in researching our gear recommendations further, check out these links below! We'll call it the "Drone Master Start Up Kit."