And we're beyond happy for you. Falling in love is just about the coolest thing ever and getting engaged isn't too shabby, either. To top it all off, there's your wedding day. Let's pause for a moment of silence. Wow! Your wedding day is the culmination of everything that is wonderful in the world, and it's going to be awesome. Unfortunately, it goes by so fast, which is why we are thrilled you want to have it all captured on video! But before we get ahead of ourselves here, let's get aquatinted!


We met week one of film school and spent our days as inseparable best friends– we even filmed weddings together on our spare weekends.

It was nothing short of fate that years later, we would find our way back to each other and truly fall in love. It didn't take long. Coincidentally, it didn't take long for us to realize we should build our life together around this business of capturing love, just as we did from the very beginning. Thanks again, fate.

Now back to you: we know your love is beautiful and how special your wedding day will always be. That's why we craft a film that is uniquely yours. We're meticulous, yet creative. Acting as a fly on the wall, we observe your day: the little details, the candid moments, and the raw emotion between the two of you and all of your loved ones. This film will be just as vivid as your favorite memories!

We're so excited for you, and we'd be thrilled to help tell the story of your wedding day. Let's get in touch!

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Wedding Film Coverage

All weddings include a minimum of 8 hours of coverage by two cinematographers,
a highlight film, and a one-minute "social edit" delivered the following day.


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